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How to decide what technologies to integrate into your organization

More people have access to the web than ever before and as for-profit businesses have revolutionized their models, often, limited by resources, nonprofits have been left behind. As customer expectations rise, it has become important that nonprofits embrace new technological solutions, so where should you begin? Adding technology solutions to your organization may certainly help…

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Sustainer Program

Why Start a Sustainer Program?

Monthly-giving, recurring donations or sustainer, a gifting program that allows supporters to donate automatically on a recurring basis has become integral to the nonprofit industry. You should definitely research starting one and here are few reasons why. Sustainer programs are cheaper than one time donations. Sustainer donors are often more interested in the effect of…

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Donor Segmentation, CRM

Solutions for donor segmentation on a budget

Congratulations on caring about donor segmentation! Building positive relationships with donors is vital to the success of a nonprofit organization and understanding the demographics, communication style or interests of individual donors, enables you to target those who share similar interests, cutting down on wasted manpower while positively engaging clients. Caring about donor segmentation means you…

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4 Signs Your Organization is Read for a CRM

4 Signs Your Organization Is Ready For A CRM

Whether you’re wanting to organize and automate your work, show your board more metrics, or just want to build better relationships, knowing the necessary information about donors, volunteers, and sponsors can determine how, when, and where to best engage. If you have not modernized your data collection with a Customer Relationship Management system, or CRM,…

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Level-up your online fundraising with donor-centered email automation

Have you thanked your donors lately? Hmm… Those email solicitations might be causing more harm than good. If you’re not putting as much effort into thanking your donors and demonstrating the impact of their gifts over time as you are in asking for money, they might be less likely to renew. Then you’re left scratching…

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5 Lessons from PBS led national-to-local digital services partnership

 Let’s talk about the benefits of pooling organizational and technical resources, and working together to do more than one organization can alone. This has application beyond Public Media, and the three greatest benefits I see will be cost savings, higher levels of quality service, and a reduction of risk. And, there’s still plenty of room…

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