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and relationships through integrated media experiences

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Build Capacity

through staff technology coaching and cloud services.

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Build Revenue

through people-focused strategy

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with program modeling and continuous evaluation.

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Change the World

with the data and analytics you need to make decisions.

What we do

Relationships, Revenue, Capacity. Nonprofit Solutions: Digital Program Management & Marketing

Organizations have evolved to a point where interactions are digital as much as they are physical. We need to offer the same rich relationship experiences as we did traditionally in the digital space. It’s important to anticipate and cultivate positive and engaging experiences from everything to meeting for the first time, to gathering information, to filling out a form, to taking action.

BUZZBOLD helps nonprofit staff discover and build the right balance of digital systems and solutions for building relationships and expanding your impact. We help you GROW CONNECTED.

Salesforce for Nonprofits Certified Administrator Certified Developer Certified Sales Cloud Consultant Thanks to the generosity of and the work of the Salesforce Foundation, we're able to help organizations take advantage of over $1,200 per month of donated services of the most promising business platform on the planet.

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