Privacy and Information Use Policy

We learn and collect information

Buzzbold is an information-forward company. We use a variety of search and relationship-based technology tools, learning as much as we can where we have access in order to give our clients the most complete perspectives on their digital presences as we can.

When we’re working as a service provider, the information we collect may include account names, passwords or other sensitive information, preferences and interests, contact data, geolocation information, API keys, form data, address data, trade secrets, algorithms, rubrics, or financial data.

We’re in an age where maximizing ones use of information isn’t an advantage, it’s standard operations. We want to be real with you about what we do and what we offer. We operate on the expectation that all of our customers have read and agree with this policy. It affects you.

We collect data using multiple methods

We, and our third-party services, use web servers, logging, scripts, web browsers, apps, conversations, forms, beacons, cookies, embedded tracking, social media, and cloud-based customer relationship management services throughout our online communications systems. We may log interactions for reference. We collectively call all of our assembled information associated with businesses, people, use, or practices our “CRM and marketing” data.

We use the information we collect

First, we don’t sell your information to other parties. We use information we collect to better ourselves and our clients, and we want you to feel the same.

Not only do we collect CRM and marketing data for the purpose of improving our services, but for the purpose of developing expertise, providing services, teaching in these areas which we believe can be beneficial to our customers, and delivering targeted ads to help raise awareness about our offerings. In particular, we use collected CRM and marketing data for business automation, reporting, planning, and managing resources. Where possible, we create our own data associations with individuals and organizations in our internal systems in order to explore how online behavior can improve our operations.

We may use non-personally identifiable information or combined customer information for purposes of education or marketing when deemed appropriate.

Some relationships require us to act as an agent of the client in order to establish services from third parties, such as to integrate a website with Facebook or collect visitor traffic information with Google services. We do so in good faith, based on our understanding of client needs and expectation of beneficial outcomes. However, in order to work with Buzzbold, you must agree that these other services’ use of your information or your contacts’ information is largely outside of Buzzbold’s control and you will not hold Buzzbold responsible for any problems that may result. We would offer services to help you resolve any such problems.

We want you to be comfortable

Should you wish to have us remove your information from our systems, such as being removed from our newletter, please please use the link associated with the last communication, or complete the Contact Us form located at: with details. Please expect identity verification requirements depending on the nature or complexity of the request. We reserve the right to decline deleting messages for legal purposes.

We use our security tools

We protect the information we gather. We use encryption, complex passwords, and API tokens to protect access to our CRM data and website data. and our cloud-based business information systems are encrypted and authenticated using RC4_128 or AES_128_GCM, with SHA1 for message authentication and RSA or ECDHE_ECDSA as the key exchange mechanism. We also use security software and firewalls to monitor and control our own web presences to stop denial of service attacks, brute force attacks, and a number of other widely used practices of malicious users or information thieves.

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