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5 Lessons from PBS led national-to-local digital services partnership

 Let’s talk about the benefits of pooling organizational and technical resources, and working together to do more than one organization can alone. This has application beyond Public Media, and the three greatest benefits I see will be cost savings, higher levels of quality service, and a reduction of risk. And, there’s still plenty of room…

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Two public media conferences set, and Dreamforce, of course

 It’s hard to believe that April is here. 2015 has been moving unbelievable fast. One part of the rapid passing of time here at Buzzbold has been due to planning and thinking in preparation for the 2015 conference season. We’re focusing more on public media conferences this year, namely TechCon 2015 and PMDMC. And with Dreamforce 2015…

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St. Louis Nonprofit Salesforce users, don’t miss the November meeting!

Just a quick note – Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 19th at 11:30AM, the St. Louis Nonprofit User group will be meeting at Nonprofit Services Center. Josh Aranda from Mission Matters Group has given the following teaser, and we’re sending everyone we can! This time around we are going to revisit reporting. Summary reports, Matrix Reports, Cross…

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A year-long care plan for nonprofit Salesforce admins

One can’t really over-emphasize how important the Salesforce admin role is in a nonprofit org. Not only are you responsible for the data and the quality of the reporting, but you have people who need you to show them the way, through your example, your service to them, and through the resources you share. Their perceptions…

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Dreamforce for Nonprofits – Another incredible year, looking to 2015

For those of you reading who made it to Dreamforce this year, congratulations, you survived it! Dreamforce ’14 was bigger and more exciting than ever, with over 135,000 attendees and a dizzying number of options to pack into just a few days. It’s changed substantially from my first attendance in 2008, where only 12,000 people seemed…

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KPIs: secret sauce of S.M.A.R.T. goals in nonprofit program management

Which metrics, or program performance indicators are most crucial? What much you capture and what should you report? Cloud information systems enable us to capture vast amounts of information and help us organize and find meaning in the data; but which will be the telling factors when you look to evaluate nonprofit program performance and…

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Salesforce Analytics Playlist: Tools for Nonprofit Reporting

Every single project with our Salesforce clients involves a component of turning your data into actionable information. Here’s video playlist (none longer than 4 minutes!) that we use to help prepare our community of nonprofit database coordinators, accidental admins, and data geeks alike prepare for richer conversations about nonprofit reporting and dashboards. As you’re watching, don’t…

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Get this Howto: Nonprofit Starter Pack Workbook for free nonprofit CRM

As the Salesforce Foundation continues to grow and evolve, it has continued to renew its commitment to making powerful nonprofit CRM, integration, and reporting tools available freely for organizations eligible for its 10 free license programs, and at very low costs thereafter. And we continue to see new evidence of that commitment in the form…

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