Nonprofits: Increase Your Contributions with New Online Fundraising Social Media Campaigns

Buzzbold is excited to announce a new online fundraising social media campaign feature from their exclusive online fundraising partner Designed for nonprofit organizations, this new fundraising tool enables stakeholders, board members, staff, volunteers, and enthusiastic contributors to utilize their social influence to increase fundraising campaign contributions.

Completing a campaign’s setup can be done in minutes and allows organizations to easily add custom branding and messaging. Organizations are able to launch web pages on behalf of each participant featuring their photo, a personal message, and their fundraising goal. In no time at all, your participants will have individualized campaign pages that are instantly shareable across social media networks and through email and text.

Contributors can choose to support through their favorite participant’s fundraising campaign page or expand their giving by contributing through several pages. The app accurately assigns contributions to contacts in your CRM and will help you generate timely report-ready data. Responsive design and real-time charts provide a user-friendly and visually satisfying experience on all devices, browsers, and social media platforms.

Your contributors will be engaged by the new online fundraising social media campaign feature and participants will be energized by the friendly competition and sprint to their goal’s finish line. Contact Buzzbold today to learn how your organization will increase contributions with online fundraising social media campaigns. Equality Partner
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