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20 Phrases ready for the corporate jargon graveyard

We’ve all been there; a meeting is wrapping up, the team is discussing next steps and we are ready to circle back next week. Team Buzzbold would like to piggyback on that with the top corporate phrases we’d like to consider sunsetting. Pivot Giving you back 5 minutes in your day All hands on deck…

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Elevating Fundraising through Donor Engagement

Donations are just the start! Individual donors are the backbone of nonprofit success and must be cultivated as we move into a digital-first fundraising culture. Deeply engaging donors by visually showing their impact is proving to be the next big shift nonprofits can make to take fundraising to the next level. According to the latest…

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Equity, Empowerment, and Engagement: Technology Trends Tuned into These Needs Featured

What does the future look like in technology for nonprofits? In this (almost?) post-COVID world, many nonprofits are left to wonder, “what’s next and how do I navigate this new landscape?” Technology and the insight and engagement it produces are at the forefront of every discussion. Technology innovation is evolving every moment to serve these…

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