20 Phrases ready for the corporate jargon graveyard

We’ve all been there; a meeting is wrapping up, the team is discussing next steps and we are ready to circle back next week. Team Buzzbold would like to piggyback on that with the top corporate phrases we’d like to consider sunsetting.

  1. Pivot
  2. Giving you back 5 minutes in your day
  3. All hands on deck
  4. Boil the ocean
  5. Deep Dive
  6. Piggyback on that
  7. Bite the bullet
  8. Circle back
  9. Swamped
  10. Buy-in
  11. Work smarter, not harder
  12. Hit the ground running
  13. Giving you a heads up
  14. Low hanging fruit
  15. On my radar
  16. Par for the course
  17. Reinvent the wheel
  18. Run it up the flagpole
  19. Take it offline
  20. It is what it is

Honorable Mention for drill down, although we’d need some help from Salesforce on this one. 😉
Where would we be if we couldn’t drill-down on our favorite reports?

Were there any others on your radar that we missed?

*This list is all in good fun and we consider lightheartedness to be one of team Buzzbold’s core competencies.

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