Get this Howto: Nonprofit Starter Pack Workbook for free nonprofit CRM

As the Salesforce Foundation continues to grow and evolve, it has continued to renew its commitment to making powerful nonprofit CRM, integration, and reporting tools available freely for organizations eligible for its 10 free license programs, and at very low costs thereafter. And we continue to see new evidence of that commitment in the form of additional tools and products, helpful howto documentation, big discounts, and promotion of charitable causes and volunteerism. This post highlights one of the less exciting, but more important recent publications.

Great new developments in full-featured nonprofit operations management: NGO Connect

There’s a great deal of excitement in the community right now, as the Foundation has just announced its brand new product, developed in partnership with RoundCorner, NGO Connect. The new app boasts an impressive feature set, and is targeted for rapid-growth and larger organizations. In other words, it is probably not built for your first foray into fundraising, volunteering, events, and other community relationship management work.

But to much less fanfare, a sleeper hit of an announcement made waves in the Power of Us Hub and in other online gathering places: the newly released Nonprofit Starter Pack Workbook.

The Nonprofit Starter Pack is here to stay, and better than ever

The Nonprofit Starter Pack has been, for many years, the flagship suite of community contributed applications to help with the unique needs of tracking organizations, contacts, households, individual gifts, institutional gifts, recurring gifts and payments. It still is likely the solution of choice for smaller organizations, those getting off the ground, or those whose interest right now is more around digital program management with integrated Household, Affiliations, and Relationships, and with the recent release, it has become easer to manage and more helpful with keeping contact information organized.

A workbook to guide you through common tasks

Built for the Nonprofit Starter Pack 3.0, the Workbook is filled with seven tutorials to help organizations understand how to jump in to managing their information with entirely free tools.


Here is what is included, from the table of contents.

  • Tutorial 1: Sign Up and Log In to the Nonprofit Starter Pack
  • Tutorial 2: Create Contacts and a
  • Household
  • Tutorial 3: Create Relationships Between Contacts
  • Tutorial 4: Create an Organization
  • Tutorial 5: Add an Individual Donation
  • Tutorial 6: Add a Grant
  • Tutorial 7: Complete the Power of Us Program Application

We are excited for this release, because although we work to demonstrate, teach, and coach our clients how to work through each of these topics, the Workbook can be used as a refresher or training resource in the future. Check out some other great resources for new nonprofit Salesforce users in our recent post.

Thanks to the Salesforce Foundation, and all of the other wonderful community contributors who are working to build accessible and usable tools for mission-based work, and especially for the nonprofit startups! Equality Partner
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