Salesforce for nonprofits: resources for new users

Despite whether you are new to Salesforce or you are still deciding whether or not nonprofit program management in Salesforce is right for you, you have likely realized that making this system work for your nonprofit’s specific needs isn’t exactly straightforward. When navigating such a sophisticated system as a beginner, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with questions and concerns. We have gathered some of the most helpful resources for nonprofits just learning about Salesforce:

Intro to Salesforce for Nonprofits SlideShare

Marc Baizman, a self-proclaimed nonprofit technology geek at Foundation, built a presentation on the basic must-know aspects of Salesforce. He shares the keys to a successful implementation, but don’t worry – the disclaimer reads, “Not a ‘techie’ presentation.” Marc’s insight powers nonprofits interested in Salesforce to ask themselves the following tough questions to gauge readiness and set realistic expectations:

  • What pain points exist with the current system?
  • What business processes are you planning to track – both now and later?
  • What reports do you need to generate?
  • How much data can you realistically get?
  • Have you looked at all the available solutions, or are you just picking the free one?
  • Do you have staff time and/or budget dedicated to successfully implementing and maintaining a system like this?

501Partners Blog

From important topics such as reasons why Salesforce matters, accelerating your nonprofit’s data management evolution and principles to legitimize your data practices, Salesforce solutions consulting company 501Partners covers issues vital to relatively new Salesforce users on their blog. And if your organization is in (or near) the Boston area, 501Partners is hosting a boot camp for nonprofit Salesforce users to teach the basics of the Nonprofit Starter Pack on October 3.

The Landscape of Salesforce for Nonprofits: A Report on the Current Marketplace for Apps

In collaboration with KELL Partners, Idealware has assembled a free downloadable report that shares insider information on using Salesforce at your organization. What makes it unique? The team interviewed consultants who specialize in the implementation of Salesforce specifically for nonprofits, along with several members of the Foundation. They inquired about what the platform does well, as well as what you will want to add to it to suit your particular needs. The result is disparate information and broken down misconceptions about Salesforce for Nonprofits – all in one place. Foundation YouTube Channel

Scroll through videos that delve into Nonprofit Starter Pack release updates, learn how to navigate new features and fully leverage tools and observe the real time success of nonprofits like Make a Wish Foundation who use Salesforce. Equality Partner
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