Program Management & Self Evaluation

Tracking program data and turning it into meaningful information is key factor in scaling and advancing your mission. Whether helping kids, educating the public, working for policy changes, or providing fuel to the arts community, you need ways to keep and manage your data. After you’ve graduated from spreadsheets, you can take advantage of automation, notification and reporting in and to help you and staff identify and take action where it’s most needed.


  • Structure and use data to improve your results
  • Increase mission focus and demonstrate impact
  • Simplify manual data processes
  • Discover, track, report on key performance measures
  • Increase staff accountability
  • Justification for future funding

Basic Process

  • Discovery
  • Design & Build
  • Pilot Testing & Revision
  • Launch & Beyond

Additional Info

Salesforce for Nonprofit, Program Management Module, Case Management, Web Form Services, Google Sheets, Tables, Charts, Relational Databases

Typical Timeframe:
2-6 months Equality Partner
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