Considerations for a smooth transition into the next phase of your technology future.

How and When to Plan Your Implementation

So, you have decided that you are ready for a technology transformation and are eager to unify your school or district’s essential functions with the world’s #1 CRM, Salesforce. You know that working with Buzzbold, an experienced, trusted implementation partner, will ensure that you achieve your project goals and that your investment yields the returns you seek. At this point, you may be asking yourself how and when to plan your implementation. Below are some key considerations to think through

When to Start the Conversation

There’s no time like the present! We begin discovery during our first conversation. The more we know about your organization and project goals, the better prepared we will be to develop a comprehensive scope of work and provide you with accurate pricing aligned with your budget goals. These sessions will also give you a chance to engage with our team so you can confidently trust in the expertise and commitment that we will bring to your project.

Deciding on a Timeline

Once we have provided a detailed scope of work, the next step is to determine your timeline for contract execution and project completion. Budgetary timelines must be taken into consideration, and our clients often choose to break their implementation into a series of stages. This allows them to spread out the cost of the project over multiple budget cycles. In many cases, we can begin a project during the current budget year using existing funds and incorporate later stages of the project into future fiscal years. We are always glad to be part of budgetary presentations to your Board to help them see the benefits of a Salesforce implementation for your stakeholders.

Executing Your Contract

Once a timeline has been established, and funds have been budgeted, we will work with you to execute a contract that clearly articulates the scope of work, timeline, and project budget. Having the contract executed and resources in place well in advance will allow us to finish the project within the established timeline.

Considering the Summer Months

The summer is often an ideal time to complete school technology implementations. With students and staff off campus, administrators are typically able to provide dedicated time to support and guide the process. However, your implementation partner can begin many aspects of the setup independently prior to the end of the school year. This can set the stage for a quicker and more efficient summer configuration and ensure that quality assurance, testing, and initial training are completed before your stakeholders return for the new school year.

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