Conversation and Representation Make for Beautiful Visual Marketing

As we continue celebrating Black History Month and seek to elevate Black voices in our community, Jackie “JP” Phillips from Buzzbold and Antonio T. Harris of Antonio T. Harris Photography talk about Respecting Identity in Visual Marketing and the Importance of Representation

Watching Star Wars at age six, Antonio T. Harris fell in love with creativity. He pursued music through his school years, and later on in life when he and his wife combined their talents of photography (her) and computer editing (him), he found himself getting behind the lens more and more often. “Creativity circulates through my blood,” says Antonio, and he believes that creatives of all genres – photography, cinema, music – can work together to promote the growth and revitalization of St. Louis. 

If you’ve ever wondered how your organization can be more representative in your branding, Antonio shares valuable, simple advice we can all use! Funny and genuine, Antonio believes deeply in the importance of building relationships, whether personal or professional, and that inclusion through conversation makes a difference. In this video, you’ll receive creative insight and learn Antonio’s top 3 tips to take your creativity in visual marketing to the next level. Equality Partner
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