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If one of our Project Profiles doesn’t seem to fit, we can help you design a custom project to fit your budget and needs.

Digital Fundraising Management

With so many fundraising management options available, it can be tough to choose one. Based on our experience, we’ve decided to focus on one: with the Nonprofit Starter Pack (NPSP). The NPSP offers many advantages on Salesforce, but most importantly, its boasts a flexible ability to connect and interact with thousands of the other tools you might use to gain insight into your community from email to social platforms to your own site. And because it’s freely available from the Salesforce Foundation, you have invaluable access to the world’s largest CRM customization platform and support services that are trusted worldwide for managing your resource development work.

We’d love to show you how, and hear your thoughts about growing your donor base this year. Use the form to the right and let’s chat!

Maintenance & Support

Any new system can benefit from ongoing care and maintenance. We’ll teach you how to backup and administer your data, but you can also have us look over your investment for you.

Program Management & Self Evaluation

Tracking program data and turning it into meaningful information is key factor in scaling and advancing your mission. Whether helping kids, educating the public, working for policy changes, or providing fuel to the arts community, you need ways to keep and manage your data. After you’ve graduated from spreadsheets, you can take advantage of automation, notification and reporting in and to help you and staff identify and take action where it’s most needed.

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