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Getting Started With Education Cloud: Recruitment and Admissions

Increase your ROI by streamlining and enhancing your institution’s approach to recruitment and admissions through the setup and configuration of next-generation Education Cloud from Salesforce.

Personalize each prospective student’s journey with the aid of automation, and onboard them with Care Plans. Track engagement data to empower recruiters and counselors to prioritize their work for maximum impact. Collaborate on one system across devices. View and update student information from anywhere, and quickly see where an applicant is in their journey. Enable efficient decisioning and application management, and provide a fully supported onboarding and student experience. Visualize your full funnel to understand how you are tracking against your goals and improve reporting. Pinpoint which activities are contributing to your admissions and retention success.

Implementation timeframe: 3-4 Months

What you get

  • Attractive, branded and customized enrollment applications via OmniStudio
  • Custom, branded self-service applicant portal for a seamless & intuitive application experience
  • Role-specific analytics and activity consoles for staff with customized dashboards, actionable lists, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Customized lead qualification and conversion process based on your institution’s “best fit” criteria
  • Gmail or Outlook email and calendar integration and easy appointment scheduling using Salesforce Scheduler
  • Interview scheduling and video calls
  • Einstein activity capture for tracking and reporting on engagements with prospective students or other key contacts
  • Configuration for desktop and mobile device access

Value added

  • Customized application and request for information experiences
  • Streamlined admissions processes
  • Personalized communications between recruitment/admission staff and prospective students
  • Comprehensive analytics to track and measure the effectiveness of your recruitment & admissions strategies
  • Scalable solution – get started now and grow your approach over time
  • Access to the CRM from anywhere, at any time, on any device

Path to Impact

  • Build
  • Discovery
  • Alignment
  • Design
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • User Training
  • Launch & Beyond


  • Education Cloud CRM
  • Education Cloud for Experience Cloud User
  • Care Plans
  • Case Referral
  • Document Generation (DocGen)
  • OmniStudio
  • CRM Analytics for Education
  • Salesforce Scheduler
  • Einstein Activity Capture

What our customers are saying

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– Testimony Author, Organization

Additional Add-Ons Available

  • Account Engagement/Pardot or Marketing Cloud (Marketing Tools)
  • MuleSoft Composer (Systems Integration)
  • Salesforce Events or Blackthorn (Event Management)
  • Mogli or Digital Engagement (SMS/MMS Messaging and Communications)
  • Data Migration/Import
  • Accounting Subledger (Accounting Functions)
  • Insights Platform Data integrity (Data Integrity & Governance)” Equality Partner
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