This service provides a baseline setup and configuration of a Salesforce org with Nonprofit Success Pack.

What is Included:

  • Data Model: Buzzbold will design your Salesforce Data Model based on review of current data, your organization’s operational goals, and standard NPSP Objects, Fields, and functionality
  • Salesforce Org Creation and Power of Us Application: A Step-by-step Guide on signing up for your Salesforce org with NPSP and completing your Power of Us application for 10 free User Licenses
  • Users & Profiles: Creation of up to 10 Users and 2 Custom Profiles
  • Security Setup: Security review to establish what data will be accessible to what Users. Buzzbold will establish Object and Field level security for all users, as well as Org wide login hours and locations
  • MyDomain Setup: Buzzbold will configure MyDomain to create a custom domain for your Salesforce URL to reflect your organization’s brand, and because a custom domain is more secure and required by some Salesforce features.
  • Company Profile Setup: Buzzbold will configure your Company Information, Fiscal Year, Business Hours, Holidays, and Language Settings
  • Record Type Assignment & Creation: Buzzbold will review your data and use standard NPSP Record Types when possible, and will create up to 3 Record Types for Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Page Layouts: Buzzbold will create a Page Layout for each Record Type for Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities
  • Configure NPSP settings: Buzzbold will use our NPSP Workbook to configure your Org’s NPSP Settings.
  • Training: 2 hours of hands-on training for Administrative users to review platform navigation, Setup menu overview, reports overview, and how to utilize Salesforce training and support.

Pricing & Timeline:

Base price is $2,000 with a time frame of 2 weeks from Buzzbold gaining access to the Salesforce Org

Add-on services include:

  • 10 Custom declarative fields for $250* (Custom fields that are populated by standard Salesforce field types)
  • 1 Custom Object with up to 15 Custom Fields $500* (Custom fields that are populated by standard Salesforce field types)
  • Custom Quotes are Available

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