Data Import

This service is designed for Organizations who are ready to move their existing data into a new CRM, and provides both data design consultation and a verified successful import.  

What is Included

Data Assessment: By completing Buzzbold’s custom data questionnaire, we can analyze the scope and validity of your existing data, and how prepared it is for import.

Data Model Import Design: Buzzbold will identify how your existing data optimally fits into Standard Salesforce NPSP Objects and fields.

Custom Import Unique Record IDs: Buzzbold will add custom IDs to all import records allowing record relationships to be established upon import, for reference by any old systems that will still be used, and to validate a complete and successful import.

Guidance & Documentation on Data Clean-up*: Data Clean-up is a service Buzzbold offers, however we offer basic documentation on the data-cleanup process if you’re looking for ways to save on your data migration.

Field Mapping: Buzzbold will create a field mapping design mapping your existing data points to Standard Salesforce NPSP Objects and Fields. Some of your data may require custom Objects and Fields, and Buzzbold offers those as add-on services.

Data Import: Buzzbold will import up to 10,000 records into Standard Salesforce NPSP Objects. Buzzbold will provide a Salesforce Report on every Object to verify success. Imports exceeding this amount are an option and require a custom quote.

Pricing & Timeline

  • Pricing starts at $2,000 for up to 10,000 records imported into a maximum of 5 Objects (and a maximum of 20 fields per Object)*
  • Historical Data Import will be completed 2 weeks from client delivering formatted and standardized data sets to Buzzbold
  • Additional Importing needs are available via custom quote


Please let us know if you have any Questions about getting started, or if you would like to Build a Custom Quote. Equality Partner
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