Data Cleanup

This service optimizes your data by allowing Buzzboldians to guide you through data validation, deduplication, and formatting for import.

What is Included:

  • Data Assessment: Complete Buzzbold’s custom data questionnaire to provide a better understanding of the scope of the data cleanup project, and to begin understanding how your existing data will fit into the Salesforce Data Model.
  • Enforcing naming & formatting conventions: Buzzbold will update your existing data so that all formatting conventions are standardized and import-friendly. They will also work with your existing values to establish naming conventions and standard-values consistent with your data and mission.
  • Organization and consolidation of tables and fields: Multiple data sources can cause excess clutter when preparing data for import. Limiting your tables to the data you need will streamline your import.
  • Duplicate removal: Duplicate Contact records can cause problems. Messages or calls to out of date contact information, sending someone duplicate messages, and even storage. Buzzbold will remove your duplicate Contacts using their proprietary duplicate management software, giving you the power of which record takes precedence.
  • Establish Default Values: Some fields should have a default value. Buzzbold will help you identify these and establish those values so when your data is imported, all your records and reports will be accurate.
  • Recommendations for the Removal of Unnecessary Data: Buzzbold will review your data with you to identify potentially invalid data, as well as data that isn’t necessary for your mission.

Pricing & Timeline

  • Data Cleanup project will be completed 2 weeks from client completion of the Data Assessment
  • Pricing starts at $2000
  • Data Cleanup is for a maximum of a total of 5,000 records (for all data sources)
  • Data Cleanup will result in a maximum of 5 tables/datasets. While there may be more original datasets and sources, they will be organized into no more than 5 tables upon completion.
  • Data Cleanup is for a maximum of 20 fields/columns per table/dataset. Additional are available through a custom quote. Equality Partner
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