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Introduce a Nonprofit
Do you work with nonprofits? Volunteer? Have friends or relatives at a nonprofit? We're here to help them! All summer (until August 31, 2018), connect us with nonprofits you know (sorry, no public media). Send us their information, and Buzzbold will take it from there.
Help Nonprofits Save Money
Buzzbold provides amazing digital solutions to nonprofits helping them better achieve their missions. During the Summer Get Together, we will offer discounted rates to any organization referred to us , so you'll be helping your favorite nonprofits save money!
Buzzbold Gives You Cash
For helping us and by connecting great people, Buzzbold will give you $200 cash in thanks or donate the same amount to a charity of your choice for any organization that signs a contract and uses our services in 2018.

Buzzbold Service Packages

Beyond our custom digital solutions and services, Buzzbold has created new service packages for nonprofits who are ready to improve their fundraising and program management. Check them out:
  • Salesforce NPSP for CRM
  • Online Giving for Fundraising
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Data Import
  • Data Cleanup