Managed Services: Support & Training Success Plan

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With many of our customers driving impact through the Managed Services provided in the Support & Training Success Plan, we ensure the success of your Salesforce investment today sets you up for tomorrow.

Fractional Admin

A fractional Salesforce Certified Administrator provides expertise and support on an as-needed basis, helping organizations optimize their use of the Salesforce platform and ensuring they are getting high value from their investment.

Staff Augmentation

Certified Salesforce staff augmentation is essential because it allows organizations to quickly and easily add skilled Salesforce professionals to their teams without the need for a lengthy hiring process. This can be especially useful for organizations experiencing a sudden increase in need or growth, or those with a specific initiative requiring additional Salesforce expertise.

Advisory & Strategy Services

Salesforce strategy services are a type of consulting service that helps organizations
to develop and implement a strategic plan for their use of the Salesforce platform. This may include activities such as analyzing the organization’s current use of Salesforce, identifying areas for improvement, and developing a plan to optimize the use of the platform to support the organization’s goals and objectives. Salesforce strategy services may also include assistance with implementing new Salesforce features or custom solutions, as well as providing ongoing support and guidance to help organizations get high value from their Salesforce platform. This type of service can be especially useful for organizations that are looking to maximize the benefits of their Salesforce investment, or that are facing challenges with their current use of the platform.

Buzzbold Success Hub

Our Managed Services customers have access to The Buzzbold Success Hub, which allows users within your organization to create Cases, view statuses of Cases and work, request support, collaborate with the Buzzbold team, plan for the future with Vision records, and access exclusive training documentation.

Scheduled Maintenance

How old is your oldest Active community user login? Did you know that unmaintained accounts  We have a scheduled task for that. We have over 100 common care tasks ready to deploy for your org to protect your investment and keep the “disruption” where it belongs… in your innovation!

Release Readiness

With three major releases a year and rapid innovation occurring across the entire Salesforce platform, at any given moment, your org and solutions may need adjusting to take advantage of new features, or to accommodate new security enforcements. Our Impact Analysis programs allow us to efficiently identify and characterize upcoming release impacts and triage and respond so you can keep your focus on the future.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly business reviews in Salesforce are important because they provide an opportunity for organizations to assess their use of the Salesforce platform and to identify areas for improvement. These reviews can help organizations to ensure that they are getting high value from their Salesforce investment, and can also provide valuable insights into how the platform is being used and what changes or updates may be needed. Account Executive Alignment

By aligning with the right account executive, businesses can ensure that they have access to the expertise and support they need to effectively implement and use the platform, and can also foster a strong and productive working relationship with their account executive.

Vision & Roadmap

The vision & roadmap helps clients to understand the potential benefits of Salesforce and how it can support their organization, providing a plan for how to get there. By having a clear vision & roadmap, clients can make informed decisions about their Salesforce implementation and ensure that they take the right steps to get high value from their investment.

Case Support

Buzzbold provides our customers with access to the Buzzbold Success Hub for case support which includes a secure case feed for collaboration and real-time visibility on the resolution.

Solutions Research & Reporting

Buzzbold provides reports and analysis on the performance of the Salesforce platform and its impact on the organization. Solutions reporting can help clients to understand how well their Salesforce implementation is working, and can provide valuable insights into areas where improvements may be needed.

AppExchange ISV Solution Care

Many times the right solution for your organization already exists. We can help you identify, install, and configure the best solution for you. We can help facilitate conversations with vendors and help you to keep the integration up and running, monitored and healthy.

Data Backup

Buzzbold provides a way to protect and preserve the data in the event of an unexpected loss or failure. This can help to minimize downtime and disruption, and can also provide peace of mind knowing that your data is safe and secure.

Private Documentation Hosting

When an organization has its own specific processes for using Salesforce, we provide a place to document those within the Buzzbold Success Hub. This gives your users access to this documentation at any time.

Slack Connect

Our more advanced customer engagements often require a greater degree of on-demand collaboration. Using Slack connect, we work directly with customers to discuss, collaborate, and reduce the time that it takes to solve problems and break through obstacles.

Exception Monitoring

The Buzzbold managed services team monitors for system errors and alerts. Salesforce Certified Administrators consistently review and advise on the right course of action.

Center of Excellence Technical Membership

When organizations endeavor into a new Salesforce build or Implementation and need to form a governing and guiding committee of people. As one of our services, we can have a member of the Buzzbold team on your governing committee as a voting member. This member adds an informed voice, speaking to the technology so that the governance of what’s being discussed in those committee meetings is anchored or grounded in the technical possibilities.

Custom Training

Similar to private documentation hosting, this is about your organization’s unique processes. In this case, these trainings can be delivered virtually or even in person and recorded for future reference and easy onboarding for new team members.

On-Demand Hosted Training

On-Demand Hosted Training courses provide your organization with convenient, flexible access to training and education of the Salesforce platform.

Integration Services

Whether you’re using middleware or another different integration platform, we have experience with many different integration solutions and patterns that can help you identify the right one for integrating between your connected systems.

Component Solutions Library

Need a Custom Flow Component to send email notifications to multiple Contacts and log an activity? Don’t build it. Browse it. Install it. Use it! We love making new and novel solutions available to our STSP customers.

Hiring & Placement

Finding a new Salesforce Certified Administrator or Developer can be a daunting and time-consuming effort. Buzzbold can help with that process by sourcing candidates that meet your needs and onboarding to get them started off on the right foot.

Business Continuity Planning

Buzzbold assesses where risk exists in your Salesforce environment and connected systems to lay out plans for what to do when the unexpected occurs. Buzzbold will help you go through the steps of working through contingencies for unexpected changes or impacts.

Live Training & Exclusive Events

Buzzbold provides exclusive, in-depth training and webinars for our client organizations based on the products they are using, other Salesforce tools, and best practices.

Buzz Reports

Buzzbold provides transparent reporting of what was completed within your organization’s managed services package. We summarize learning experiences, challenges, and blockages. We include a detailed account of work completed and our next steps to be completed the following month.

Metadata Backup

Backing up your metadata gives you a snapshot of that metadata at a particular point in time. At a future time, you can compare the backed-up metadata with more recent metadata. You might do this to revert your metadata to a previous state or to identify what changes have been made for purposes such as debugging.

Technology Grant Writing & Reporting Support

There are many opportunities to gain access to funding to pay for new capabilities. We can help provide support in the technical description of that value so you can have clear value descriptions of the solutions you’re building for your funders. We can also provide support to both the application and the reporting process.

Analytical Services

Whether you’re looking at operational reports and dashboards in Salesforce CRM Analytics or Tableau, we have resources available to help. Answers, big-picture discovery questions, as well as monitoring performance against organizational KPIs, we are excited to analyze!

Automation Services

Buzzbold identifies processes that can be refined and improve operational efficiency, reducing the amount of time it takes to work through them as well as increasing the standardization of that process.

Data Management Services

Buzzbold provides support when changes need to occur. We will support you with imports, exports, backups, connections with other systems, or transforming your data to support an emerging need for a new data model.


Explore our Managed Services Solutions and connect with us to find the right fit for your organization.

Our Solutions Team will work with you to identify the level of Support and Services that fit your needs.

We have a proven track record for developing highly efficient automated processes that save organizations time and money while scaling their impact. With a focus on nonprofit and educational organizations, our Salesforce expertise in these areas allows us to have a deep understanding of your organization’s unique needs.

To request changes to your Support & Training Success Plan, you can create a case in the Buzzbold Success Hub, and our Solutions Team will be in touch.

With our highly certified team resources and collaborative internal technology solutions (including the Buzzbold Success Hub and Slack integration, to name a few), we are able to quickly identify our customer’s needs and have our team there to support them. As a Salesforce Implementation Partner since 2014, we proactively research and implement best practices for security and functionality within your Salesforce org.

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