Salesforce Analytics Playlist: Tools for Nonprofit Reporting

Every single project with our Salesforce clients involves a component of turning your data into actionable information. Here’s video playlist (none longer than 4 minutes!) that we use to help prepare our community of nonprofit database coordinators, accidental admins, and data geeks alike prepare for richer conversations about nonprofit reporting and dashboards.

As you’re watching, don’t forget that Salesforce was originally built with the commercial client in mind, so remind yourself that “Sales” roughly equates to “Development” or “Earned Income,” and your particular organization’s culture and approach to cultivation and stewardship is woven into the language of your Salesforce org through label and field customization and process development. Don’t get hung up on the language, because the tools are powerful, and the user experience it will become what you make of it.

Furthermore, if you’re working or toward continuous self-evaluation with digital program management, or program data tracking through Salesforce for education, engagement, or client service management, you’ll want to be thinking about the types of data you capture and what groups of less structured data you might want to “bucket,” so that you can use key summary information in usable and actionable dashboards. Equality Partner
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