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With Natural Disasters on the Rise, Nonprofits Need a Secure, Quick, Easy Way to Raise Funds: provides that plus more

No matter what search engine you use, typing in “natural disasters on the rise” will pull up a plethora of news and articles all pointing to yes, in fact, natural disasters are on the rise. In July, the U.S. had already endured 49 separate natural disasters, the second-most in recorded history and has since seen…

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Nonprofits: Increase Your Contributions with New Online Fundraising Social Media Campaigns

Buzzbold is excited to announce a new online fundraising social media campaign feature from their exclusive online fundraising partner Designed for nonprofit organizations, this new fundraising tool enables stakeholders, board members, staff, volunteers, and enthusiastic contributors to utilize their social influence to increase fundraising campaign contributions. Completing a campaign’s setup can be done in…

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An Introvert’s Hangover: 3 Takeaways from the Gateway Conference for Philanthropy

After attending a truly amazing event and meeting some incredible people last week, I happened upon an article about a previously unrecognized condition that I believe I have: the Introvert’s Hangover. Its symptoms are similar to what one might expect the day after consuming more than a moderate amount of alcohol. It primarily affects introverts…

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